About the New Age Tribe

The New Age Tribe (originally known as the New Age Owners Club) was started in Mid 2014 by passionate New Age caravan owners with the purpose of having like minded Owners meet to pass on valuable knowledge about their caravanning travels and experiences around this wonderful country.  Currently, the Tribe has over 1,500 Members (one van = one Member)


The N.A.T. holds about 10 weekend Get Together's during the year covering all states, so that we can get to meet with other owners and to learn more about our caravans.  Friendships have already been made which will last a lifetime.  The feeling of comradery at these Get Together's is prevalent and always present.

Get Together's offer the opportunity to see what modifications and extras / accessories other owners have found of benefit whilst travelling.  Members have an enjoyable time socializing and relaxing, knowing that they are with like-minded people who are happy to share their knowledge and experiences, also learning about off the grid camping and getting the most out of their pride and joy.      


There is always time to visit and explore local attractions and places of interest.  We gather for Meet & Greet on Friday evening, late Saturday afternoon for a few fun activities, drinks and catered dinner.  A relaxing Sunday night BBQ or dine out at a Bowls or RSL Club..

We have a Members only closed Facebook Page, New Age Tribe (once you have become a financial member you will be accepted to join.​

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If you don't wish to join the New Age Tribe,

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